Success from Failure!

Most learners have now completed their exams for 2014, and the anxious time of waiting for results has begun. You start to ask yourself – did I do as well as I hoped in my exams? Will I be disappointed by my results? What happens if I fail?

Sometimes, failing is a necessary part of life. It all depends on your attitude towards failure and what you plan to do to change things in a positive way.

Here are some people who were judged as failures at school, but guess what? They went on to achieve great success.

Albert Einstein

EinsteinAlbert Einstein is probably one of the most famous successful failures. He battled terribly at school, but went on to become one of the world’s most well-known physicists. You will be familiar with his formula E = mc2, which has been dubbed the world’s most famous equation.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron DiazAt the age of 16 she dropped out of school, and became a model, and later an actress. She has starred in many films including The Green Hornet, and was the voice of Princess Fiona in the animated Shrek series. In 2013, Cameron Diaz was the highest-paid actress over 40 years old in Hollywood.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard BransonSir Richard Branson is a famous entrepreneur who dropped out of school at the age of 16 to start his own magazine. Since that time he has created many businesses, including Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile and more. In 2014, Forbes Magazine listed him as the 7th richest citizen of the United Kingdom.


Yesterday’s failures are today’s seeds that must be diligently planted to be able to abundantly harvest tomorrow’s success. Anonymous

Please remember, if you are distressed or depressed about your results, talk to someone who can help. You are not alone in this situation. Some useful contacts are:


SA Depression & Anxiety Group (011) 783 1474

Suicide Helpline 0800 567 567

Keeping Positive

Keeping-PositiveWhether you are at school or on holiday, with friends or with family, sometimes things can happen that get you depressed and down in the dumps. Here are our top three inspirational websites that you can check out this week:

  1. Psychology Today has an interesting article titled Stay Positive – changing your way of thinking can change your life. This article by Dr Cynthia Thaik gives you eight easy ways in which you can keep positive, happy and healthy.
  2. Often we find obstacles in the way of our goals and our success. Many people let these obstacles stop them from achieving their full potential. Life Coach Life has a short article to help you take a positive approach to obstacles in your life. The article suggests that you should:
    • Accept that obstacles are going to happen;
    • Deal with the negative little voice in your head that says that you will never overcome the obstacle;
    • Take action to move past the obstacle and progress.

    For more details, have a look at the full article on

  3. Dr Margaret Paul, bestselling author and relationship expert has written an article in the Huffington Post, titled 9 ways to love yourself. This positive article highlights how important it is to love and accept the person you are. Only when you are able to love yourself, will you truly be able to give love to others in your life. Her article can be found on

Our favourite quote for the day…

A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances instead of your circumstances having power over you!

– Anonymous