Coping with Exam Stress

We are reaching that time again when schools go into overdrive, and learners start preparing for exams. Here are our top five handy hints and tips to make exam season just that little bit less stressful!

Don't Panic

  1. Don’t panic!! Try to keep a clear head. Getting into a panic is a sure recipe for disaster when you are preparing for an exam. Try meditating for 10 minutes every morning and evening to help you relax and think clearly.
  2. Plan your time carefully. Draw up a revision schedule so that you can have enough time to revise, but also enough time to spend with friends and family. (Spending time relaxing with your friends can help reduce stress, but you must make sure that you keep on top of your studies!
  3. Exercise helps. Getting plenty of regular exercise not only helps you to keep healthy, it also has been proven to lower stress levels and leads to better sleep. Have a look at this article from Harvard University in the USA.
  4. SnacksEat a healthy diet. It is extremely tempting to keep snacking on chips, sweets and chocolates while studying, but these snacks won’t help your body in the long term. Try to eat foods that will keep you fuller for longer. Aim for a balanced diet, with lots of fruit and vegetables.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Your brain and your body need water to function properly. Make sure that you drink plenty of water while you are studying. Research in the United Kingdom suggests that drinking water can help improve exam results and lower anxiety. (Have a look at for more details.) If you don’t like the taste of plain water, pop a slice of lemon or orange into the water to give it more flavour.


If you are feeling deeply depressed and anxious at this stressful time, make an effort to seek help from a parent, teacher or counsellor. There are plenty of people out there who are willing and able to help!

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