Responsible Raging!

If you have finished your matric exams, you may be thinking of heading out for the KZN coast for the Matric Rage 2014. Even if you are not, but are planning on partying over the Christmas holidays, look at these hints and tips to keep yourself safe.


Be responsible and enjoy your freedom to have a drink and socialise. BUT… Students make a Toast in Bar

Remember, if you are under 18, you are not allowed to consume alcohol. Even if you are over 18, it is not cool to get so drunk that you start acting stupid, and forget who and where you are!!

Make sure that you never drink and drive and choose a responsible driver or use the Rage transport to get safely back to your accommodation.

Do not drink on the beach, in vehicles and on the street as this is not permitted and you could get into serious trouble.

Drugs and weapons

This is a message that you have heard many times before, but it still stands – say NO to drugs, even if your friends are encouraging you. Not only are drugs bad for your health, they could seriously damage those dreams that you have for your future. Remember that you will be searched for drugs and weapons at all Rage events, and if the organisers find these on you, you will be handed over to the authorities. If anyone offers you drugs at a Rage event, report this to the authorities immediately.

Safe Sex

Image of a couple kissing on the beach

During this exciting time it is difficult to abstain from sex, but it still is the most sensible decision. If you have made the decision to have sex, please be responsible. Don’t be promiscuous, carry contraceptives and know your own and your partner’s status.


While at Rage 2014, make sure that you know the route to your accommodation after an event, know the person you are travelling with, and try to make use of the official transport provided.

For more information about Rage, have a look at their website at

The Red Frogs Support Network is there to help you with pretty much anything you might need while at Rage, in particular any emotional support! Check them out at